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York County, VA

JRIA conducted Phase II archaeological significance evaluations at 11 archaeological sites located on a 437-acre parcel of land known as the Carr’s Hill tract in York County, Virginia, a short distance north of the City of Williamsburg.  The 11 sites range from Archaic and Woodland encampments to nineteenth-century domestic sites.  The major sites on the property pertain to plantations owned by the Cobbs family in the early eighteenth century, the Custis family in the middle eighteenth century, the Powell family in the latter eighteenth century, and the Walker family in the early nineteenth century.  There are several mid- to late seventeenth-century habitation sites that were studied at the Phase II level as well.

Seven of the 11 sites were deemed eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places and either will be preserved in place or mitigated at the Phase III level.  The time frame to complete this project was accelerated, and JRIA was able to complete the fieldwork for the 11 sites in less than six weeks, and finalize the subsequent final report four weeks later, making a turn-around time of 10 weeks from beginning to end.  

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